DISCLAIMER: Per the FDA, Thermography should not be used as the sole device to diagnose or screen for breast cancer or other conditions. Thermography should not be used in place of mammography and is only for use in addition to other diagnostic or screening devices. Use of thermography carries the risks of a delayed or missed diagnosis.

The patient is given a set of instructions to follow and a questionnaire to complete prior to coming into the office for the scan.

On the day of the scan, the patient is brought to the special light and temperature controlled room where only thermoscans are performed. The patient then disrobes from the waist up in a private setting and spends 15 minutes getting acclimated to the room temperature (which runs between 69 and 71 degrees).

Three pictures are taken with the infrared camera from different angles and stored on the computer.

The patient’s hands are then immersed in cold water for 1 minute.

Three more images are taken with the camera. This completes the imaging process. 

The images taken during the scan are electronically sent to our Thermography specialist, Dr. Jay Mead in Oregon. Dr. Mead, who is one of the leading Thermogram interpreters in the country, studies the images and writes a report rating the scan on a scale of TH1 to TH5. Results are sent back to our office electronically usually in a week or less.

The patient is sent 2 copies of the report along with additional information on appropriate treatment protocols and guidelines regarding re-scan recommendations. Patients have the option of purchasing any recommended nutrients directly from our office.

Regardless of the results it is recommended that you have a thermogram performed every year as a screening tool just as you might have done in the past with other screening resources such as mammography.


No prolonged sun exposure (NO! sunburn) to the body areas being imaged for five (5) days prior to your procedure. NOTE: this includes use of tanning beds.

No use of . deodorants, lotions, creams, perfumes, powders, or makeup on the day of your procedure. No facial or body makeup the day of the exam for those having full body or upper body screens. Facial makeup is allowed for breasts only imaging.

No shaving of the areas to be imaged the day of the procedure.

No treatment (chiropractic, acupuncture, TENS, physical therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, hot or cold pack use, etc.) or physical stimulation of the areas to be imaged for 24 hours before the exam. For breast imaging patients, no physical stimulation of the breasts for 24 hours before the exam. If you are breast feeding, please try not to nurse a minimum of 1 hour prior to the exam.

No smoking 8 hours prior to the exam. For your convenience, we can arrange your appointment early in the morning, prior to smoking.

No exercise within 4 hours of the exam.

No bathing within 1 hour of the exam.

Avoid use of alcohol and caffeine for 4 hours prior to testing.

If you are taking a beta-blocker, please do not take on the day of the exam.

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