How much does a Breast Thermogram & interpretation cost?

$390 initial scan, including the thermogram, interpretation by Dr. Jay Mead of Oregon, and your first follow up with the doctor to discuss the results of the exam

Do I need a referral from a doctor to get an appointment?


How long does it take to do the scan?

20-25 minutes

How long does it take to get the results?

2 weeks or less

Can I have a thermogram if I’m pregnant or nursing? 

YES, it is completely safe

Is Thermography covered by insurance?

We encourage women to file for insurance coverage – although we cannot guarantee that it will be covered. The procedure code (93740) is a valid code and Thermography is approved by the FDA. 

What does it mean if my Thermogram is positive?

It means that some atypical changes in blood flow/heat have been seen which can define a certain level of risk for cancer. It does not necessarily mean that you currently have cancer but certainly does indicate that you may develop cancer in the future.

What do I do if my Thermogram is positive?

Dr. Lieberman has developed specific protocols to address positive Thermograms including nutrients that enhance the immune system, fight cancer, and balance “good” and “bad” estrogen metabolites. Depending on the level of risk identified, it may also be recommended that you have further evaluation by a specialist. 

How often will I need a re-scan?

This depends on the results of your initial scan. With no unusual changes noted and depending on your age, we will recommend re-scanning annually. If your scan shows changes, depending on the level of risk, you will be asked to have a re-scan sooner. (3-6 months)

I have breast implants – can a Thermogram work for me?


Why do we stick our hands in cold water during the scan?

When the body is challenged with extreme cold, normal blood vessels will constrict. BUT, blood vessels that are feeding pre-cancerous or cancerous cells DO NOT. This comparison can provide us with important information.

I have fibrocystic breasts. Is it possible to tell the difference between a fibroid and a potential cancerous mass with the Thermogram?

Yes, the pattern of heat is different which allows us to differentiate between the two.

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