Connection Between the Environment and Breast Cancer
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Posted By: Linda B.
Category: Clients

In December 2003 I had my routine mammogram which was extremely painful. And, the pain didn’t go away after the test was completed – it went on for weeks!. When the results came back negative, I consulted with my internist about the pain that I continued to have in my breast. He suggested they might have pinched a nerve or bruised a muscle during the mammogram and not to worry. Soon after, when I consulted with Dr. Lieberman, he recommended that I have a Thermogram. The Thermogram was completely painless and I felt very comfortable throughout the 20 minute process. I appreciated being able to watch the image on the screen and was very impressed with the technology. When I got my results – which showed some early changes that could potentially become cancer in the future - I started on Dr. Lieberman's nutritional protocol. I like knowing that the treatment was all natural and did not involve my putting any chemicals into my body. Five months later I had a re-scan and the area in question had improved … a lot! I do hope, as time goes on, that more women become aware and take advantage of this simple test. I believe it saved me from future breast cancer by finding the changes so early! I strongly encourage everyone that can have this test to do so. Women should make it their New Year’s resolution and have the test as a gift to themselves. Linda B. Charleston, SC

Posted By: Gloria S.
Category: Clients

In May, 2003, I drove a close friend to North Charleston, SC, for her appointment at Dr. Lieberman’s office, where she was going to have a breast thermogram. During our trip to the clinic, my friend – who had done a lot of research on Thermography - ‘educated’ me on the many benefits of this technology. By the time we arrived, I was convinced that it would be to my benefit to have a breast scan also! I was particularly interested in the fact that the procedure could detect pre-cancerous cell activity years before a mass would show up on a mammogram, and I liked the idea that I would not be exposed to any more radiation (which can be a cause of cancer in itself) and that it was painless. Luckily the staff was able to fit me into the schedule and I had my scan done. It is important to mention that I was amazed at how affordable the procedure is! Within two weeks, I had a written report of the results AND a treatment sheet giving me clear directions for the nutritional protocol I was to follow. It should be noted that my thermogram revealed a significant and suspicious level of risk in one breast! I called the Center several times with questions and concerns and I found the staff to be professional, knowledgeable, courteous and AVAILABLE! I carefully followed the prescribed treatment protocol and returned to the Clinic five months later for a repeat scan. Much to my joy and relief, the results of my follow-up thermogram indicated that the problem area had improved significantly. I am so very grateful that my friend educated me about this safe and accurate diagnostic procedure and that she introduced me to the trained and encouraging staff at Dr. Lieberman’s when she did. Frankly, I think that I may have been protected from developing breast cancer and that this early detection would not have been possible with a mammogram! Gloria S. Durham, NC

Posted By: Donna F.
Category: Clients

During my vacation to the Charleston, SC area last summer, I heard about the breast thermography program at Dr. Lieberman’s center. Since I was due for my routine mammogram and I had become less than enthusiastic about going through that procedure again, I decided to try the thermogram. I was very impressed with the technician and her ability to explain the process and how the technology works. I was also thrilled at how simple and pain-free the procedure itself was. Most of all, I was glad to know that Thermography can find unusual changes long before a mass grows big enough to be seen by a mammogram. This means early detection which means early intervention and a better chance for survival. I’m so glad I took the time to find out about Thermography and to have the scan. I highly recommend it to all women for routine breast cancer screening! Donna F. Verona, NJ

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