Every woman is at risk for breast cancer! It is important to understand that the majority of breast cancer cases occur in women with no identifiable risk factors. 

The American Cancer Society says women are at greater risk if they:

Have personal or family history of breast cancer.

Began menstruating before age 12.

Stopped menstruating after age 50.

Have a personal history of radiation exposure to the chest/neck.

Are currently taking or have recently taken hormone replacement therapy.

Have not given birth or had first child after age 30.

Have a history of previous breast problems.

Are obese.

What many of these factors have in common is a prolonged exposure to estrogen. This emphasizes the proliferative effects of estrogen on the cells of the breast.


Women who have had problems with mammograms, including the inability of X-ray to see through dense breast tissue, concerns about compression due to breast implants, problems because of large or small breast size, etc.

Women who want to stay on top of their breast health without being exposed to harmful radiation and potential damage to tissue due to compression.

Women who have a low ratio of good estrogen versus bad estrogen.

Women who have had questionable results on a mammogram and wish to learn more about their cancer risk before proceeding with invasive diagnostic testing.

Women who are pregnant or nursing because there is no radiation, this procedure is completely harmless.

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