About us :

This section gives an overview of the Center for Women's Health at COEM, including a brief biography of our Medical Director and our Mission Statement.

Important Facts about Breast Cancer :

The section provides very important facts on breast cancer.

What is Breast Thermography ?

This section explains the state-of-the-art of Breast Thermography, and gives important facts and statistics about Breast Thermography.

How is a Breast Thermogram Done ?

This section provides information regarding the instructions that a patient folllows prior to receiving a breast thermogram and describes the procedure.

Who should consider Breast Thermography ?

This section gives information as to who should consider and benefit from Breast Thermography.

Mammography vs Thermography

This provides the comparison between Mammography and Thermography.

Thermogram Results & Treatment

This section provides the treatment as well as talks about what else a woman can do to detect cancer in its early stages.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides the frequently asked questions about Breast Thermography.

Appointment Request

This section allows a user to request an appointment for a Breast Thermography screening.

Contact us

This gives the contact details - phone, fax, email, map and directions. 


This allows user to search content through out the site.

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